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Celebrating Our Cathedral Oaks Through Artwork

Fifty Percent of the proceeds from oak tree artwork, prints and note cards are donated to Jamestown's Urban Forestry Fund at the Community Foundation.

Browse Oak Tree Artwork, Prints & Note Cards

The celebration of Third Street's oaks, along with the art show and sale is sponsored by:







For more information please contact Chautauqua Art Gallery

104 Chautauqua Ave. • Lakewood, N.Y. 14750


Leslie Calimeri • 716.753.6296


Our tree canopy and the Urban Forestry Fund

Trees are a vital part of the quality of our community life. They are a living symbol of the health and vigor of our city. The act of planting a tree is one of faith, of optimism, and of commitment to the future.

The City of Jamestown has implemented a comprehensive tree care plan. It identifies thousands of trees and their maintenance needs. But it also identifies thousands of empty sites where new tree could be planted, the tree that will be the urban forest of the future.

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation is the home of the Urban Forestry Fund. Established in 1992, this special endowment provides money each year for the purchase of trees to be planted along the streets and in the parks of Jamestown. Since the fund began to provide grants for this purpose it has grown in size to a current market value of nearly $12,000. Grants from the Urban Forestry Fund to the Parks Department to purchase trees now total over $3000.

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