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Thunder Rock Path, By Charles Ruffino

Thunder Rock Path, By Charles Ruffino


By Charles Ruffino

Mixed Media, 11 x 17 inches


“I never want to forget the amazing feelings I experienced as a little boy every time I wandered into the woods. From the cool green cathedral ceiling of the woodland trees to the fern covered silence of the forest floor, I've always held my breath, wishing the beautiful memory would last forever. Because of this, I have always felt a deep desire to express my impressions in landscape paintings from local areas. Rather than simply illustrate them, I want to capture the mood, the mystery, and the magic of Western New York. In a way, I try to convey my distant memories, literally and visually, of being in the painting, following some overgrown path I had taken long ago as a young boy. Hopefully, the painting has a life of its own.” - Charles Ruffino

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