Pelican, raku-fired

Pelican, raku-fired


Raku fired ceramic sculpture by artist Marcia Merrins.

Approximatly 2.25 lbs,  6 inches high and 9 inches long, 5.5 inches wide 


About Marcia


Raku Fired pieces are heated in a kiln 1700 degrees. Wearing fireproof gear, I remove them and place in a metal container with combustible organic materials for reduction. The flames and then lack of oxygen create the colors and patterns that make each piece an original work of art.

I wait a few minutes until thing cool down, dig through the ashes, and smile as I clean off the ravages of fire and smile.

Raku firing is done in my driveway and use the dry leaves of mostly beech (found in the wooded area around my studio) in the reduction chamber.