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Local Architecture | Jamestown, By Aleida Foulk

Local Architecture | Jamestown, By Aleida Foulk


By Aleida Foulk

Painting, 5x7 inches



"I love exploring, adventuring, traveling, finding new art to appreciate, going to concerts, spending time out doors and capturing all of the magical moments, whether those might be out on my own, with my husband and our children, or with a friend. I am an artist, local high school art teacher and a mom and find that I no longer have big chunks of time to spend painting and working on projects, but I have found a new artistic normal. By toting my camera with me everywhere, I can capture all that I find that is beautiful and interesting. Later on, I might edit a photo or two. Even later on down the line, sometimes weeks or months later, I delight in reliving those very special moments, colors, spaces, etc by spending time with those memories and pairing them with my favorite medium: painting. Thankfully, I am able to hang these paintings in my home and they serve as a beautiful reminder of not only the memory but for the appreciation of it." - By Aleida Foulk

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