• Leslie Calimeri

Open Call for Artists

Updated: Apr 10

Update: We are no longer seeking additional artists but will repost a call when we are.

May 21, 2020 - July 30

Chautauqua Art Gallery is seeking new artists to contribute to our gallery and website walls this summer. Our gallery is host to a wide variety of fine artwork and artisan craft, most of which has been heavily influenced by the Chautauqua region in subject, medium or conception.

Reinventing the gallery in a digital space

This summer, for the first time, our gallery website will showcase more artwork than our physical walls. In response to social distancing, we are ramping up our site and creating a beautiful space to showcase, share and purchase artwork. Any piece of art in our physical space can also be found on our website along with a host of other works that we cannot fit on our gallery walls.

We are excited to partner with artists on new ways to showcase their work and deliver it to patrons!

Submission Guidelines:

  • We are currently accepting all mediums. (Painting, Drawing, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, Artisan Craft...)

  • All work included in the gallery must be displayed or packaged professionally. (For example, 2D work should be framed or matted in a protective sleeve.)

  • High quality photographs of your work is a must. We can provide some assistance for photographing 3D works at the gallery. Any artwork framed with glass should be photographed before framing.

Interested artists should send sample images and a description of their work to leslie@chautauquaartgallery.com. Your samples will be reviewed and responded to within approximatly five business days.