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How I arrived here - in a blog.

I recently created a list of resources I use when I am promoting events at the gallery and in the region. As I was creating it I thought I would put it someplace on my website so I would be able to share it with other artists who might like to use it - and that is how I've arrived here - in the blog section of my website editor. This is not a place I ever thought I would end up!

I know all the digital marketing spin around blogs...great for people a reason to come back...back links...on and on... And even knowing all that doesn't make me enjoy writing or give me any confidence in my ability as a writer. I can hardly spell sometimes let alone engage website visitors with witty art banter and eye catching photos.

But in any case, I wanted to share some of the resources I've gathered. So I am starting up this little space to do just that. My next blog post will list the resources. Maybe there will be more posts after that to expand on some of the topics. (We'll see!)



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